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What is the ticker for the FOMO ETF?


When did FOMO start trading?


Does FOMO track an index?

No, FOMO is actively managed.

Why is FOMO actively managed?

The market is rapidly changing and the portfolio management process, we believe, needs to reflect the dynamic nature of today’s marketplace. In our opinion, a rules-based & index approach is too constraining in order to deliver the type of returns we expect for this thematic portfolio.

Why did TCM launch FOMO?

Thematic strategies have been a trending investing topic over the past couple of years. While a number of themes have garnered increased investor attention, there was a void in terms of how investors should gain exposure to them. FOMO offers a professional and diversified solution to invest in whatever themes happen to be most popular at any given time.

Does TCM manage any other ETFs?

TCM currently runs 11 strategies with $270 million under management as of May 26, 2021. TCM has been running ETFs for over four years.

Where can I see FOMO’s holdings?
What is the management fee for FOMO?


How can I buy or sell FOMO?

Check with your financial advisor or online broker to see if FOMO is available on their platform. If it isn’t, please contact us. We are constantly working with new platforms to help on-board our ETF.

What type of orders should I use when trading FOMO?

While a limit order is the safest route, it may take longer for your order to get executed. If you have specific questions about a larger order size, please feel free to contact us.